Welcome to Equipment Maintenance Inc.
About Us:

Equipment Maintenance has been providing maintenace and repair to the greater New England companies for over 30 years. We specialize in deversification, our company is not particular to one type of vehicle or piece of equipment. We provide services to many different audiences. From farms to contractors to over the road haulers we have the ability to maintain any type of equipment the greater new england area has. Our mechanics come from deversified equipment backgrounds giving us the ability to manage different types of equipment needs that each customer has.
On The Job Site Services:
Our services are not only limited to our shop. We can also provide our services at your job site. this gives you a distinct savings opportunity. You do not have to provide transportation of your equipment to our shop we come to you. Our service truck is outfitted to provide our mechanics everything they would need to complete a job at your job site. Sometimes equipment can not afford to stop so we repair or service the equipment at your job site so you have a minimum down time.
Shop Repair:
Our shop provides the widest range of services, all repair and service needs can be managed from our shop floor. We repair and rebuilt most anything your equipment could break or seize. We even have full time welders and fabricators in our shop to customize and repair parts for your vehicles and or equipment.

We get our parts from not only aftermarket manufactures but also from the dealers themselves. Most at discounted rates. We understand if you wish to have only genuine manufacture parts in your vehicles, so we provide you the oportuntiy to go with either the manufacture or after market.

We are also a FleetCare Center for the greate Connecticut area.
And provide Connecticut DOT Inspections for your equipment.